What will the rest of the world be eating this Christmas?

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So to a lot of people Christmas isn’t Christmas without the turkey (in our family our Christmas tradition resolves around salad – but that is a whole different story). But what does Christmas dinner mean to the rest of the world?

Italy – The feast of seven fishes – so not actually eaten on Christmas day, this is a Christmas Eve tradition, but it is a feast of 7 (and sometimes more) different seafood dishes. After a feast like this will there still be room for Turkey tomorrow?
Italian Christmas Lunch - The Feast of Seven Fishes

Greenland – Mattak. Raw whale skin and blubber – a delicacy eaten on Christmas day in Greenland. (All of a sudden my salad seem so bad does it?)
Greenland Christmas Dinner - Mattak - Whale Blubber

South Africa – BBQ’ing your Christmas dinner. Although South Africa is not the only nation to enjoy a BBQ on Christmas day – other countries enjoying the Christmas BBQ include Argentina and Australia and probably a lot of the Southern hemisphere. If there is no chance of snow then a BBQ is a good compromise.
South African Christmas Dinner - Braai

Ghana – Fufu – corn porridge, orka stew, rice and a yam. Traditionally eaten with your hands. (This looks it will take a lot of skill to not go hungry.)
Ghanaian Christmas Dinner Fufu

Japan – KFC – That is correct – KFC has become such a popular Christmas day meal that people have started to place their Christmas day KFC orders in October, that doesn’t sound like fast food at all.
Japan Christmas Dinner - KFC

Iceland – The Christmas bird is a little bit different in Iceland – a traditional Christmas dish would be a smoked Puffin.
Iceland Christmas Dinner - Smoked Puffin

Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine – Another Christmas Eve feast is the 12 dish Christmas eve supper (’supper’ seems a little modest here, the Italians call their 7 dishes a feast ) eaten in many Eastern Europeans countries. 12 vegetarian meals will be served – each meal is to represent one of the 12 apostles.
12 Dish Christmas Dinner

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