Our top 5 ways to give back on an overseas volunteer project

If you are thinking of taking a career break to either escape work altogether then CareerBreak.com has some amazing travel options for you. Additionally, if you are wanting to break from your current job and develop your career then we have many solutions for this too.

Give something back on your overseas trip with a rewarding and worthwhile volunteer project. Get your teeth into the local culture and support those that need it most whilst discovering more about yourself than you ever could sipping cocktails by the pool!

1. Teach English
English language is one of the most valuable cultural commodities in the world, and without the financial support and resources available many children from disadvantaged communities do not have access to education and the chance to acquire this skill. By imparting language skills that we take for granted growing up you could dramatically improve a child’s chance of future employment and subsequently the ability to work their way out of poverty for generations to come! There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time as a teacher overseas, and whether it’s in a remote part of rural Thailand or the hustle and bustle of Ghana, there is truly nothing better than educating and inspiring a generation of enthusiastic kids!

Ghana Teaching Project

2. Conservation
If you’re an animal lover or wildlife enthusiast why not get involved in a conservation volunteer project where you could do anything from providing essential support and care to Pandas in China’s mountain to collecting data on marine species on the coast of the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa. Not only is a conservation project a fantastic way to give back to the local community but it is a fantastic way to add proactive and unique experience to your CV!

Namibia Animal Conservation

3. Building and Construction

Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to a building and construction project and help to provide sustainable support to disadvantaged communities for years to come! From building schools and providing children with access to an education to community centres and play areas your hard work could have such a positive effect on the local community. It may not seem like the most glamorous way to spend a career break but a building and construction project is guaranteed to be tonnes of fun and it’s a great way to get to know the locals!
Cambodia Building Project

4. Care Work

Share your love and compassion with children from disadvantaged communities who really need your support. Poverty and war have left many children orphaned without the support and care that we may have taken for granted growing up. Dedicate your time to children from poverty stricken areas and give them the support they need for a better quality of life. You possess many valuable skills such as language, education and interpersonal skills that may change the life of an orphaned or vulnerable child.

India Child Care Project

5. Sports Coaching
Share your passion for sport with children from disadvantaged communities and help run coaching sessions at a grassroots level in order to improve the quality of life and opportunities in their favourite sport. Sport is used as a tool to bring communities together, and by promoting the health benefits of structured sports lessons, you will inspire children into a positive future. Whether you choose to coach cricket in India or hockey in Argentina this is the perfect way to combine your passion for sport with a meaningful volunteer project!

Coach Football in Ghana

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