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A fundamental consideration if you are travelling on your career break is how to financially budget for the duration you wish to be away. If you are planning on travelling between six months to a year it is wise to consider allocating a proportion of it doing some work abroad. The key to ensure you are able secure work whilst travelling is to plan ahead and target a destination to work in. The two main questions are where can I work and what can I do?

A number of countries have dual working holiday visa programs that make it easier for people travelling around the world to get temporary work. The working holiday visa programs mainly provide one year visa entry, but they do have set restrictions on age and the duration you can work in their country. The countries that operate this visa program are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom. Typically work abroad opportunities are within seasonal sectors providing opportunity to earn whilst on your career break. The main consideration is that there are conditions to the working visa meaning you can only work short periods in any one job.

Another opportunity to work abroad is Teaching English in Foreign Language – TEFL. You would be required to complete the TEFL Course before securing any placement but once successfully completed, it opens the door to work in more diverse locations around the world in Asia, Africa and South America.

Work Abroad Opportunites

Work Abroad

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Au Pair China in China-1
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Au Pair China in China

Au Pair China, China

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Coromandel Peninsula
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Work New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

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Work Abroad

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Australian Kangaroo Encounter
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Work Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Work Abroad

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