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  • Big 5 Conservation Experience in South Africa

    Sidbury, South Africa

    50 people
    14 days
    Code: ZAVCN1
    Activity and Adventure, Big Cat Conservation, Botany Conservation, Elephant Conservation, Habitat Conservation, Rhino Conservation, Volunteering Abroad
    Suitable for 18 to 30 year olds
    Get face to face with Africa's Big Five and immerse yourself in nature on a volunteer conservation project in South Africa and make a real difference to the local wildlife and environment.
    From £795Member Price £770
    More Info £25 off
  • Multi-Sports Coaching & Playing in Ghana

    Accra, Ghana

    25 people
    14 days
    Code: GHVSC1
    Activity and Adventure, Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Golf, Hockey, Martial Arts, Netball, Rugby, Sports Coaching, Swimming, Tennis, Volunteering Abroad
    Help coach a range of sports to kids from disadvantaged communities as well as schools. You'll work alongside coaches bringing extra energy and ideas to the sessions. Also test your own skills by ...
    Was £500Offer £475Member Price £450
    More Info £25 off
  • Siargao Surf & Explore in The Philippines

    Siargao Island, The Philippines

    10 people
    14 days
    Code: PHTTR1
    Activity and Adventure, Sports and Adventure, Surfing, Water Sports
    Make your next surf trip the Philippines with us and spend 2 weeks on Siargao Island which offers serene beauty, friendly people, and world class waves. An uncrowded surfing utopia.
    From £1,195Member Price £1,170
    More Info £25 off
  • Care Work Volunteer Project in South Africa

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    50 people
    35 days
    Code: ZAVCW1
    Activity and Adventure, Care Work, Children, Community, Orphanage, Volunteering Abroad
    Volunteer in South Africa on our care work project and help look after orphans and vulnerable children at a community centre providing much needed support and love. This project is ideal for ...
    From £995Member Price £970
    More Info £25 off
  • Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

    Kanchanaburi, Thailand

    15 people
    7 days
    Code: 67
    Activity and Adventure, Volunteering Abroad
    Get up close to elephants in a sanctuary where they freely roam. Wash them, prepare their food, bathe and swim with them!This project takes care of rescued and sick elephants. You will enjoy ...
    From £700Member Price £630
    More Info 10% off
  • Shark Conservation Research Project in South Africa

    Gansbaai near Cape Town, South Africa

    8 people
    14 days
    Code: ZAVCN2
    Activity and Adventure, Marine and Wildlife, Shark Conservation, Volunteering Abroad
    Get up close to the ocean's most formidable predator and be involved in groundbreaking shark research and data collection in the Great White Shark capital of the world!
    From £1,500Member Price £1,425
    More Info £75 off
  • Teaching Volunteer Project in Ghana

    Accra, Ghana

    25 people
    14 days
    Code: GHVTC1
    Activity and Adventure, English, Maths, Primary, Science, Secondary, Teaching, Volunteering Abroad
    Teach English to Ghanaian children as part of a career break and educate people that have a serious hunger to learn. Bring with you fresh teaching ideas and see how captive Ghanaians are at ...
    From £500Member Price £475
    More Info £25 off
  • Vietnam Highlights

    Viet Nam,

    16 people
    15 days
    Code: GTVB
    Activity and Adventure, Adventure, Beach, Tours
    Suitable for ages 18 to 30
    The Ho (Chi Minh) to the Hanoi. See how the locals live on an overnight homestay in the Mekong Delta, then get your beach on in Nha Trang. Pagodas, history and yum yums galore in Hoi An and Hue. ...
    From £1,025Member Price £995
    More Info £20 off
  • Explore Thailand to Singapore

    Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,

    16 people
    21 days
    Code: GTTSC
    Activity and Adventure, Tours
    Jungle escapades, city expeditions, swimming, swimming and more swimming. Sound good? Obvs! From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the jungly jungle of Khao Sok, sleep on a raft, hike through ...
    From £1,930Member Price £1,890
    More Info £40 off
  • 15 Week Ultimate Ski/Snowboard Instructor Course in France

    Meribel, France

    30 people
    105 days
    Code: FRTTR1
    Activity and Adventure, Instructor Course, Skiing, Snowboarding, Sports and Adventure, Winter Sports
    The Ultimate way to spend a winter in the Alps! Our 15 week BASI Level 1 & 2 Ultimate Snowboard Instructor Course in Meribel is for someone pursuing a career path after school or university or ...
    From £8,995Member Price £8,870
    More Info £125 off

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