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Name: Independent State of Samoa
Population: 197,773 (2012)
Capital: Apia
Language: Samoan
Currency: Tala
Time Zone: (UTC+13:00)

Country Information
Samoa is located south to equator and is close to Hawaii and New Zealand. The history of this beautiful country runs back to approximately around 3000 years and is still subject to study by many scientists. It has been a colony under many countries, such as, Germany, New Zealand, the United States, and Britain.

The major ethnic group residing is Samoans who constitute for more than 90% of the population while there are some Eurasians as well. Even though the main language is Samoan, they utilize English in communicating too. The economy of mainly depends on agriculture and fishing at the local level and at present, Samoa is dependent on development aids, agri exports and foreign remittances.

Samoa being a tropical country has a tropical rainforest climate and therefore, you can visit in any part of the year. The average annual high temperature is 30 celsius whereas average low temperature would be around 23 celsius.

What is unique about the Samoan culture is that no matter how many countries have influenced the country by ruling, it has never forgotten to maintain its traditional customs and traditions until the present days. Even though it is practising Christianity in a massive manner, the ancient beliefs still play an important role in the lives of the Samoan people.

The houses in Samoa known as fale have no walls and are open and covered with blinds which are made using coconut palm fronds.

If you are a lover of dancing, you will also be able to witness some traditional Samoan dancing styles such as sasa and fa’ataupati. In addition, the country also has its unique form of tattoo which are differently used for males and females.

Food plays a vital role in Samoa and is often a social event that brings people together. Samoan food are prepared with very less oil and using traditional methods. Fish is a main part of the delicious dishes while tropical fruits and vegetables also are abundant. Some of the must try food would be oka which is raw fish in coconut milk and palusami which are young taro leaves baked with coconut cream.

By Plane
Samoa offers charter flights between Upolu and Savai’i.

By Bus
If you want to travel around Apia, buses are a good option. Even though there is no set time for buses, you can get into a bus usually every ten minutes or so.

By Taxi
If you are planning on day tripping, taxis would also be a good option. But always make sure to ask the price prior to the journey.

For more information on Samoa check out the Samoa Tourism Board website here.

  • Introduction Week in Samoa

    Apia, Samoa

    15 people
    7 days
    Code: 400
    Cultural Experiences
    Welcome to Samoa, the heart of Polynesia! Samoa is a country filled with amazing land and seascapes and one of the best locations for a getaway to experience a relaxed lifestyle. By spending ...
    From £350Member Price £315
    More Info 10% off
  • Village Construction in Samoa

    Apia, Samoa

    15 people
    7 days
    Code: 403
    Building and Construction, Volunteering Abroad
    Assist with construction and repair works on the island of Upolu in SAMOA, the beautiful Heart of Polynesia! You will stay at a nice village at the SE coast of Upolu, near a beautiful ...
    From £400Member Price £360
    More Info 10% off
  • Healthcare Project in Samoa

    Apia, Samoa

    15 people
    7 days
    Code: 402
    Medical Health Care, Volunteering Abroad
    Make the lives of the locals to better by helping them to improve their personal hygiene, health and dietary habits.Reports in the recent years have shown alarming rates of diabetes among the ...
    From £350Member Price £315
    More Info 10% off
  • Teaching Project in Samoa

    Apia, Samoa

    15 people
    7 days
    Code: 401
    Teaching, Volunteering Abroad
    Assist teachers in carrying out their responsibilities at government schools in SAMOA, the beautiful Heart of Polynesia!You will teach basic English to children in pre-schools and primary schools ...
    From £350Member Price £315
    More Info 10% off
  • Samoa Road Trip in Samoa

    East to West, Samoa

    15 people
    21 days
    Code: 559
    Discovery, Tours
    Samoa Island is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each one offering very distinct and different environments to explore.The Road Trip provides a great insight into Samoan ...
    From £1,800Member Price £1,620
    More Info 10% off

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