When people think of Africa, they usually think of stunning scenery and the diverse landscape of the continent where life began. With a rich and fascinating history, and a vibrant culture which is welcoming and friendly, visiting Africa is something everyone must experience!

A popular attraction is its fascinating wildlife and the stunning natural habitats that they live in. Whether it be the Big Five (Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Cape Buffalo, Elephant) stalking the Plains of the Serengeti, or a mountain gorilla rustling through the Rwandan Jungle, or the thunder of Wildebeest hooves across the Masai Mara, there will be something guaranteed to amaze and excite you!

The sheer size of this continent results in a rich and diverse culture, which not only changes from country to country but within a country, many different cultural niches can be found and explored. When visiting Africa an open mind and a willing attitude is required for the experience to be truly embraced.

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