Dad from London develops an app for new dads

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Quick Tips For New Dads is a community of like-minded dads and expectant fathers who are passionate about being the best possible dads for their kids. But how did it all come about?

Meet Dave, a thirty-something husband and rookie dad living just outside London (England). Average height, average looking and pretty bald on top!

Dave Burton - Quick Tips for New Dads

Dave became a dad to Mia in Jan 2012, and then again to William in Dec 2013. He admits, “I was absolutely terrified. First off, I found labour a pretty horrifying experience, especially seeing my wife, Samantha, endure so much pain.”

“Then I realised the tiny bundle of life that popped out was completely dependent on me. Scary times.

I also wanted to take really good care of Samantha. But I couldn’t get to grips with all the wordy pregnancy books by her bed, which all seemed to be aimed at women anyway.

I just wanted some good, honest ‘dad advice’, but I didn’t know where to look. And I soon discovered I wasn’t alone.

About a week after birth, I went for a quick pint with some other dads I’d met through our local parenting group. It quickly became apparent that we all felt the same – we all wanted to take good care of our partners and babies, but we didn’t know how. And that’s when we started sharing tips with each other.

You know the sort of thing. Tips on changing nappies/diapers, helping out with breastfeeding, soothing a crying baby, coping with sleep deprivation, bathing a newborn baby and, most importantly, looking after the new mum.

The tips proved hugely useful and we started to feel like more involved dads, and more bonded with our sprogs.

We also started to earn some serious brownie points with our wives and girlfriends. Happy days.”

That’s when Dave had his light-bulb moment and realised other new dads could also benefit from these tips, especially if they were easily accessible through an iPhone app, website, and community of like-minded fathers.

After all, about 750,000 babies are born in the UK each year, 4 million in the US, and over 130 million worldwide.

That’s a lot of new babies. And a lot of new dads.

Dave quit his job in advertising when his second child William was born, got some investment and spent eight months working on the app. He explains, “Although I had this vision in sight, it was a big leap and I certainly went through many challenges. Understanding the app world and technology available was an important hurdle to overcome but I found a decent developer who understood the idea and he also had a team of great designers to work with. Finding new babies and dads, willing to be photographed was great fun but extremely demanding. Coordinating the photography shoot alongside working with babies at the same time… good one! I had also been working in London with a team of people in a buzzing city. I was now working in isolation without any team support around me. This to be honest was one of the most toughest parts of setting this up but I was determined to get over the finish line and see the result of my hard work.”

Quick Tips for New Dads iPhone App

The app is now out there, sitting nicely on the iTunes app store having been downloaded thousands of times from all corners of the globe, thanks to the connective power of social media and the unifying power of becoming a new dad. The app is full of all the stuff that baby books never tell you.

Quick Tips for New Dads iPhone App

“I do get a real buzz from knowing that people are appreciating something that I have worked really hard for to achieve. I encourage others to explore their own ideas but you must be realistic that stepping out from the security of a job can be very challenging but ultimately can deliver great rewards. So if you’re a new dad, then take a look around my app and please share your own tips, pointers and nuggets of dad wisdom. Until then, happy dad-ing.”

Dave has also launched a website which can be check out here.

A career break does not always mean having to escape and travel off to distant lands to get away from your day-to-day environment. Dave is a great example of someone who has taken a career break from their current place of work to explore new opportunities by challenging himself in many more ways than he had thought possible, resulting in a new career that he feels can benefit many more new dads around the world.

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