Bali, Komodo & Flores Adventure


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Overview of Bali, Komodo & Flores Adventure

The many islands of Indonesia are scattered like gems across the Indian Ocean, hidden oases of tropical rainforests, colourful reefs and warm people ready to open their hearts and their homes to visitors. Bali, Komodo, and Flores are the perfect island trifecta for an odyssey that is equal parts adventure, relaxation and culture. Conquer the slopes of simmering Mt Batur, hunt for legendary Komodo Dragons, dine with locals in their home, and visit remote villages to see their traditional way of life. Discover these enthralling islands and see for yourself why travellers continue to return here time and again.

Trip Summary for Bali, Komodo & Flores Adventure

Start Location: Ubud,   End Location: Sanur

Countries Visited: Indonesia, 
Meals Included: Breakfast: 17   Lunches: 5   Dinners: 2

    • With hiking, cycling and snorkelling, this trip is steeped in outdoor activities. But there’s also plenty of time to relax – bathe in hot springs, laze on the beach or stroll around botanical gardens.
    • Immerse yourself in Balinese culture – you’ll eat street food with locals, meet songket weavers, witness a traditional Kecak dance performance and visit a Hindu-Buddhist island temple.
    • Catch two stunning sunrises: one from the summit of Mt Batur, and the other from across the dazzling crater lakes of Mt Kelimutu.
    • Explore the less-known Indonesian island of Flores and experience the traditional ethnic cultures that live here
    • Snorkel among the vibrant sea life and coral of the stunning 17 Islands Marine Park outside Riung
    • Hike through lush rainforests to Wae Rebo. Meet the local community and spend a night in a traditional conical hut.
    • Keep your eyes peeled on the lookout for prehistoric Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island


Day 1 - Ubud
Om Swastiastu! Welcome to Ubud, the arts and cultural centre of Bali. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm on Day 1. Please look for a note in the hotel lobby or ask reception where it will take place. Afterwards, perhaps head out to for a group meal at one of the delicious local restaurants.

Day 2 - Ubud
Led by your local guide, you will tour Ubud on foot today (approximately 2.5 total). Take a local bus for 15 minutes to the starting point of your walk. Along the way you'll see the goings-on of daily village life, rice fields, an alang alang valley (wild grass that is used for making the roof on traditional buildings), and visit a local painting and handicraft area. The tour ends in central Ubud where you'll have time to explore the many cafes, galleries and shops on your own. Today you'll also visit Bumi Sehat, a local community-based health clinic whose mission is to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality.
In the evening you will sit down to a traditional Kecak dance performance. Driven not by musical instruments but by human chanting, this fascinating theatrical performance is considered a highlight by many travellers.

Day 3 - Sidemen
Set off by bicycle (approximately 2.5 hours) through backstreets, quaint villages and rice fields – a great way to meet the local people and take in the lovely views. About 1.5 hours of the cycling is downhill, so you can save your pedal power. Along the way, you'll make stops for photo opportunities and to rest if you need to. There are plenty of opportunities to visit some of the small and intricately carved temples. Your ride concludes in Ubud. Next, head for the hills and the village of Sidemen, travelling by minivan (approximately 2 hours). Set against a backdrop of Bali's highest peak, Mt Agung, the peaceful and friendly village of Sidemen is proof that Bali has pockets tucked away from the tourism the island is famous for. It's a little cooler up here, thanks to the elevation.

Day 4 - Mt Batur
Take a morning walk (approximately 2.5 hours) around Sidemen, visiting the craftspeople of the local songket weaving industry. A traditional 'bungkus' lunch is included. The walk is a great chance to take in the beautiful scenery. Continuing your journey higher into the mountains, drive along the crater rim road to a fishing village on the edge of Lake Batur (approximately 2 hours). Volcanic Mt Batur (1,717 m) sits inside a stark and spectacular caldera, and with Lake Batur below it's a stunning sight. The lake supports the local fishing industry, while many of the villagers work as guides for the volcano climb. Your accommodation at the base of Mt Batur is a basic hotel with a restaurant. This is a great location at which to start tomorrow's early morning trek without extra travelling time.

Day 5 - Lovina
Get up at 3 am this morning to walk to the summit of Mt Batur (approximately 1.5–2 hours). You'll be glad you made the effort to rise early when you see the gorgeous sunrise over the valleys of Bali. On a clear morning, it's possible to see all the way across the Lombok Strait to the peaks of Lombok's Mt Rinjani. This may well be one of the most memorable parts of your trip. Do keep in mind, however, that the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes the view is obscured by clouds. After descending the volcano, there's an option to soak in hot springs with fantastic views over the lake and caldera. Make the journey from the mountains to the small coastal town of Lovina (approximately 3 hours). Lovina is famous for the dolphins that patrol its coast. It's also a great spot for fine food, traditional massage and yoga.

Day 6 - Lovina
Enjoy a day of snorkelling on Menjangan Island reef, a short boat ride from the coast (there will approximately 2 hours of travel in total). This island and its coral reefs are part of the Bali Barat National Park. Enjoy some free time in Lovina this afternoon, exploring the sun-drenched coastline. Just be careful of rubbish in the water if you go swimming, as this can be a problem after bouts of stormy weather in the waters around Menjangan, as in other coastal areas in Bali.
On the way back stop at Banjar Hot Spring, a small spring popular with the locals.
Tonight we head to Ibu Wayan's to learn about Balinese cuisine and have a home cooked meal.

Day 7 - Bedugul
Bring your swimming gear to visit today as our first stop is a visit to the small but more local Banjar Hot Springs. Continue to the tiny hilltop village of Munduk (approximately 1 hour). Walk through clove and coffee plantations to a hidden waterfall. Visit Lake Bratan nearby for delightful views of Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, a Hindu-Buddhist temple set on a small island in the lake. Continue to Bedugul (approximately 1 hour). This mountain town is nestled in the cool and misty highlands, in a volcanic lake region covered in lush vegetation. Your warm clothes may come in handy for early mornings and evenings here.

Day 8 - Sanur
Visit the Bali Botanical Gardens in Bedugal. Here, over 2,000 species of plants from all over Indonesia are on display in a tranquil highland setting. Continue by minivan to Sanur and enjoy some free time there in the afternoon. Perhaps enjoy a stroll along Bali's first beachfront walk, chat with the locals as they too enjoy the sea and sun, watch the fishermen in the shallows or kick back and relax at one of the beachside restaurants. Get a feel for the traditions and local customs which are well maintained here. Ancient temples are easily accessible – just a short distance away from the beach.

Day 9 - Sanur
Today you will move to a different hotel in Sanur, for the next section of your trip. Your leader will help you with transferring to your next hotel.
As this is a combination trip, your group leader and the composition of your group may change at this location. There will be a group meeting to discuss the next stage of your itinerary and you're welcome to attend, as this is a great chance to meet your new fellow travellers.
Before then enjoy a free day in Sanur. Make the most of the beach front promenade or perhaps opt to relax with a Balinese massage or yoga lesson.

Day 10 - Ende
Rise and shine! The early start this morning (2am) will be well rewarded with spectacular sunrise views of Mt Kelimutu's three brightly coloured lake craters. First it's a matter of a two hour drive towards Mt Kelimutu and then a 30-40 minute walk to the viewpoint over the craters. At around 9am, ride back to Ende in time for lunch. Afterwards, the group will depart for Riung - a journey that is expected to take between 4-7 hours.

Day 11 - Riung
Rise and shine! The early start this morning (2am) will be well rewarded with spectacular sunrise views of Mt Kelimutu's three brightly coloured lake craters. First it's a matter of a two hour drive towards Mt Kelimutu and then a 30-40 minute walk to the viewpoint over the craters. At around 9am, ride back to Ende in time for lunch. Afterwards, the group will depart for Riung - a journey that is expected to take between 4-7 hours.

Day 12 - Riung
Wake up in beautiful Riung, a fishing village located on the northern coast of Indonesia famously known as the gateway to the 17 Islands National Park. The islands themselves are aquatic wonderlands of clear blue waters, pristine sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs. See it all for yourself on a snorkelling trip with a guide and enjoy a specially cooked lunch on the beach. Later, visit Bats Island and see the thousands of bats hanging on the island's mangrove trees. The sight of bats filling the evening sky at sunset is spectacular as the furry critters fly out in search of fresh fruit and insects for dinner.

Day 13 - Bajawa
Climb into the bus for a road trip from Riung to Bejawa. The trip takes approximately 8-10 hours but there will be a relaxing pit stop at Mengeruda Hot Springs on the way. The springs flow from Mount Inelika and the soothing waters are said to hold medicinal properties, such as curing skin conditions. Take the time to unwind surrounded by waterfalls and overhanging trees and let the pebbles massage your knots. Afterwards, head on to the laid-back hill town of Bajawa and see its blossoming gardens.

Day 14 - Ruteng
Journey 1.5-2 hours from Bajawa to Bena village, a megalithic village located in Ngada. The architecture here is very traditional, with tall thatched huts and traditional weaving techniques on display. Follow your leader on a guided tour of the village and see the impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines. After spending some time to meet the locals and learn about their customs, travel onwards to Ruteng. The trip to Ruteng takes 4-5 hours.

Day 15 - Wae Rebo
Leave Ruteng today for Dintor. 30 minutes out from Ruteng the group will stop off for a visit at Cancar to see its unique spider web rice fields - vast circular rice paddies that spiral inwards just like a spider web. Afterwards it's a 3-4 hour drive to Dintor. For this journey we will use a local flat bed truck with a cover over the top. Because the roads are difficult getting into Dintor we cannot take our coach/minibus down.

On arrival the group will enjoy lunch and stow their larger bags before we set out on a trek to Wae Rebo, a tribal village located in the middle of a lush rainforest valley. From the start point the trek takes about 2.5 hours and you will need to have good walking shoes and an overnight pack. Be greeted by the Wae Rebo villagers with a welcome ceremony waiting for us on arrival. Take the chance to enjoy some traditional foods prepared by the villagers and sample some speciality Wae Rebo coffee. If the weather is sunny the group may be treated to a special cultural performance too.

Day 16 - Labuan Bajo
Wake up in the mountains to the sound of birds and spend the morning at breakfast with the local villagers. Afterwards, trek back down through the rainforest to Dintor. Collect your bags and then hop aboard the truck to Labuan Bajo (approximately 3-4 hours). Labuan Bajo is a peaceful fishing town better known as the launching point for impressive trips to Komodo Island, home of the famous Komodo dragons. While away the afternoon exploring the waterfront and perhaps enjoy a seafood dinner and watch the sunset.

Day 17 - Labuan Bajo
Rise early today (3:30am) and catch the boat from Labuan Bajo harbor to Komodo National Park, a trip that takes between 3-4 hours depending on the current. While on board you can choose to sneak in a nap before arriving at Komodo Island. The early start gives the group time to explore Komodo Island while also taking the opportunity to snorkel at the nearby Pink Beach. Unfortunately due to time constraints we are unable to visit Rinca Island and it will not be included as part of this trip. Dock at Komodo Island and prepare your camera for a two hour photography safari on the hunt for gigantic Komodo Dragons. Later, return to the boat and travel to Pink Beach, famous for its pristine waters and pink sand, which change hue as it mixes with the sea water. Take the opportunity to enjoy some snorkelling but remember to hire your gear from Labuan Bajo before departure. After spending some time with the colourful fish and coral, climb back on to the boat for the return journey to Labuan Bajo. We will arrive back about 5-6pm depending on the current.  

Day 18 - Sanur
Say goodbye to Labuan Bajo, spending the morning with a long breakfast at the local cafes. Board an afternoon flight to Sanur. Perhaps spend the last hours of this trip visiting the enchanting Bali Orchard Garden or rummaging the Sindhu markets for last minute souvenirs. Enjoy a final Indonesian feast with the group and reflect on the highlights of the trip.

Day 19 - Sanur
Your trip comes to an end today and you are free to depart at any time.

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