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Our Au Pair China program offers the perfect opportunity to learn Chinese and experience China in the heart of Beijing, Shanghai or the other metropolis cities of the country.

The homestay structure offered through this program gives young people from around the world a unique, close-up look at Chinese life and culture. You will pair with a host family who will take care of you as you contribute to their family in a variety of ways. It is common to form lifelong friendships with your host parents and siblings.

Under our care, you will also have access to Mandarin language lessons, absorb cultural experiences like Beijing opera and Tai Chi, and a whole host of other activities and excursions we can arrange for you.

This program suits people who are positive, passionate and love working with children. You will also need to be open to other cultures and eager to learn about Chinese culture and language.

Your Assignment

Your role will be to help your host family; especially their child or children, with their English through a lot of conversation and assisting with the children’s homework. You’re also expected to attend to basic childcare and light housework. You will be expected to spend time with your host family and to serve as a positive role model and mentor for the host family’s children.

Main Benefits Included
  • Room, wifi and meals provided by the host family
  • Orientation training, including a welcome meal, welcome package, networking events with fellow participants and local staff, language and culture classes, a half-day tour of Beijing or Guangzhou, and more!
  • 1000 RMB/month stipend for personal expenses
  • 500 RMB flight allowance will be awarded for each full month of the program completed
  • Program completion bonuses after successful milestones:
  • 3 months = 1,000 RMB
  • 6 months = 2,500 RMB
  • 12 months = 4,000 RMB
  • Personal accident insurance during the duration of your program
  • A detailed pre-arrival package
  • Free SIM card
  • Free Beijing, Shanghai local transportation card
  • Access to Chinese language lessons with professional teachers
  • A monthly cultural immersion activity organized by the agency

Each participant should commit to 30-35 hours/week, an average of 5-6 hours/day –this includes the time you will spend teaching English to your host family (particularly the family’s children).

But you will earn days off as you work!

You will receive:

  • 1.5 consecutive days off weekly (this may not coincide with the weekend!)
  • 1 weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) off every month,
  • and 3 additional days of vacation for every 3 months of the program completed.
Application Process

Here’s how the process looks like, step by step:

  1. Handing in of your application and supporting documents
  2. Skype interview arranged with staff
  3. Family matching process begins
  4. Skype Interview with host family arranged
  5. Visa applied for and flight ticket arranged
  6. Prepare to come China…
  7. Join your new family, and start your life in China!
Frequently Asked Questions

When and how long does this program run?

Our standard program offerings are 3, 6, and 12 months. Other program lengths are sometimes possible as well, but are handled on a case-by-case basis. Should you be interested in a program of non-standard length, please contact us to discuss arrangements.

How old are the children who I will look after?

It varies. In general, the host families will have children with ages ranging from 2 to 8 years old, though they may have 8-15 year-old children as well. It is also worth noting that some host families have two or more children.

Will I be required to be able to speak Chinese at the start of my program?

We ensure that at least one member of each host family can speak at least a basic level of English. But to help you fit in and interact with the locals, we offer Chinese classes!

How can I learn Chinese?

We provide Chinese classes 6 hours each week, except during the following times:

  • The last week of each month. Instead, one weekend day of the last week of each month is reserved for a cultural activity (a visit to a museum, a trip to a historical site, etc.).
  • On Chinese national holidays.

There is no additional charge for these Chinese classes. Classes will be arranged around your work schedule with your host family.

How long will it take for me to be matched with my host family?

The process usually requires about 1-2 months, but sometimes can take as little as 2 weeks.

Do I need to bring money with me to help me settle in?

In order to cover personal expenses not covered by the program before receiving the pocket money for the first month, we recommend that you bring between 600RMB and 1,200 RMB (about $100-$200 USD) with you to start the program.

Am I allowed to have a second job to earn extra money during the program?

No. This would violate the terms and conditions of your visa, which is for cultural exchange purposes only.

Will I need to drive while in China?

Your host family will most likely not require you to drive. Additionally, China does not recognize drivers’ licenses from other countries, including international drivers’ licenses, and the process for non-Chinese nationals to apply for a Chinese driver’s license is very cumbersome. However, if both you and your host family agree, you can apply for a Chinese driver’s license. You should consult our staff before applying for the license.

What happens if my host family and I don’t get along?

In our experience, problems which arise between program participants and their host families are usually due to cultural differences or communication issues. If you and your host family are having trouble getting along, our team will help you and your host family to discuss the issues and resolve them effectively. If no resolution can be reached, we will match you with a new family as quickly as possible. Switching to a new family typically requires 2-4 weeks.

What sort of help and assistance can I expect to receive during the program?

From the moment we meet you at the airport when you arrive in China to the last day of your program, our team will always be there to talk to you, know how you’re doing, and help you with any problems you run into along the way, program-related or not. We will strive to make sure you get the most out of your program, and come away with a deep understanding of the Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

What sort of program training will I receive?

We provide a comprehensive orientation training on your first day after arrival. Topics in the orientation will include program guidelines, differences between Chinese culture and your home culture, child safety, early childhood education in China, basic Mandarin, networking events, general information about the city in which you will be based, a half day tour of Beijing and more. You will begin your program much more informed and prepared after completing our training.

What activities will be arranged?

Various activities will be arranged for program participants on a monthly basis. Previous activities have included trips to the Great Wall, hikes, and holiday celebrations.

Will insurance be provided during the program?

We will provide you with personal accident insurance valid for the entire duration of the program at no additional cost to you. The personal accident insurance covers treatment for illnesses which require hospital stays and treatment for accidents. For more information, please contact us.

Please note this trip may require you to purchase a cultural experience week with it. Click Here to find the relevant cultural experience week based on the country where this trip operates in.

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Aims & Objectives
  • Give you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into chinese society and culture
  • Assist your host family by helping them with nanny and childcare services
A typical day could look like

Your schedule will vary depending on the practice of the family. You will be helping your hosts, especially the child or children with foreign language practice and homework, basic childcare and light housework. What’s important to expect is 30-35 hours/week, an average of 5-6 hours/day.

This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Participant Criteria & Requirements
Standard Requirements

Minimum age:                18

Maximum age:                29

Minimum English level:        Advanced

CRB required:                On Signup

Passport copy required:        On Signup

Resume copy required:        On Signup

Required qualification:        High School Certificate

Additional Requirements
  • Bond deposit of 500 Euros (refunded after completion of the program)
  • Passport size pictures
  • Physician's report/health check certificate
  • Reference letter
  • Academic Certificate
  • Homestay Program application form (sent via email)
  • Committed to participate in a 3 to 12-month program
  • “Dear host family” letter or video letter (optional)
  • Bond deposit of 500 Euros (refunded after completion of the program)
  • Passport size pictures
  • Physician's report/health check certificate
  • Reference letter
  • Academic Certificate
  • Homestay Program application form (sent via email)
  • Committed to participate in a 3 to 12-month program
  • “Dear host family” letter or video letter (optional)
Additional Equipment
  • Please bring pictures with your family & friends to share

Accommodation, food, airport pick-up (if required), full support in-country, pre-departure advice and project transport.

Flights, Travel Insurance, Visa, Vaccinations or Personal Spending Money

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