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Are you thinking of taking a career break? We make your change possible. is your portal to realising your dreams. By combining travel, learning and careers, everything we offer will ensure you make the most of your career break.

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You’ve come to the right place if you need a career break! provides you with all the choice to make your career break a reality. We aim to help you plan, prepare and be inspired to take the first step, take some time out and ultimately provide career and life changing experiences.

At some point in our careers, most of us will think ‘What if…’ and consider the possibility of a career break. For most, the biggest hurdle will be knowing what to do to make the most of the time we have been given, so we’re here to help you compile that bucket list of things you have always wanted to do but never had the time for!

We’ve done the hard work for you! is the most comprehensive online combined travel and careers service available and the best bit is you can make instant and exclusive savings on your career break activities by joining our membership. Take your first step towards a life changing career break and join today!

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Career Break Inspiration

Himalayan Teenage Adventure-1
More Info
Himalayan Teenage Adventure


16 people
11 Days
Code: HNFP
Activity and Adventure, Family, Tours, Walking and Trekking

From £1,535

Dubrovnik to Santorini-1
More Info
Dubrovnik to Santorini

Albania, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Republic Of, Montenegro,

12 people
22 Days
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours

From £4,170

Introduction Week in Seychelles-1
More Info
Introduction Week in Seychelles

La Digue, Seychelles

15 people
7 Days
Code: 569
Cultural Experiences

From £550

Medical Program in Kenya-1
More Info
Medical Program in Kenya

Gatanga Village, Kenya

15 people
7 Days
Code: 362
Medical Health Care, Volunteering Abroad

From £300

Egypt Adventure-1
More Info
Egypt Adventure


12 people
8 Days
Code: XESB
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours

From £1,035

More Info
Road Trip China

Road Trip, China

15 people
28 Days
Code: 169
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours

From £1,800

More Info
Monastery Outreach Project

Buddhist Monastery, Nepal

15 people
7 Days
Code: 562
Activity and Adventure, Community, Cultural Experiences, Volunteering Abroad

From £350

Culture Week in Vietnam-1
More Info
Culture Week in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

15 people
7 Days
Code: 115
Activity and Adventure, Cultural Experiences

From £400

China's Harbin Ice Festival-1
More Info
China’s Harbin Ice Festival


12 people
5 Days
Activity and Adventure, Festival, Tours

From £1,340

Southern Comfort USA - New Orleans JazzFest-1
More Info
Southern Comfort USA – New Orleans JazzFest

United States Of America,

13 people
12 Days
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours

From £3,650

Classic Rajasthan-1
More Info
Classic Rajasthan


12 people
15 Days
Code: HHSC
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours

From £1,232

Cycle Southern Thailand-1
More Info
Cycle Southern Thailand


12 people
9 Days
Code: TTXB
Activity and Adventure, Cycling, Tours

From £1,300

Peruvian Pathways-1
More Info
Peruvian Pathways


16 people
14 Days
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours

From £3,744

Kenya to Cape Town-1
More Info
Cape Town to Kenya

Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe,

22 people
49 Days
Activity and Adventure, Camping, Discovery, Overland, Tours, Wildlife

From £6,320

Agriculture in Zambia-1
More Info
Agriculture in Zambia

Monze, Zambia

15 people
7 Days
Code: 450
Activity and Adventure, Agriculture, Volunteering Abroad

From £250

Hanoi to Hong Kong-1
More Info
Hanoi to Hong Kong

China, Viet Nam,

12 people
12 Days
Code: CBSV
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Getting Around, Rail Journeys, Tours

From £1,938

More Info
Australian Wildlife Sanctuary Program

NSW, Australia

15 people
14 Days
Code: 181
Activity and Adventure, Volunteering Abroad

From £2,000

Sabah Adventure-1
More Info
Sabah Adventure


16 people
12 Days
Code: TMSC
Activity and Adventure, Discovery, Tours, Wildlife

From £2,095

Active in the Pyrenees-1
More Info
Active in the Pyrenees


16 people
8 Days
Code: AAXS
Activity and Adventure, Cycling, Discovery, Tours, Walking and Trekking

From £880

Spitsbergen Photography Adventure-1
More Info
Spitsbergen Photography Adventure


132 people
13 Days
Activity and Adventure, Photography, Polar Exploring, Tours, Wildlife

From £13,180